Business Savvy Rachel Graper Brings Ideal to the Table

A refreshing chill descends on Appalachia to remind us it’s harvest season, and our favorite fall treat is ripening on the vine… pumpkin!

Pepperoni rolls aren't the only treats you'll smell in the Rolling Pepperoni kitchen. Today we're rolling out pumpkin pancakes after meeting with Rachel Graper, founder of Ideal Grain Free Granola. Ideal and Rolling Pepperoni met at Fox Chapel's Farmers Market at Shady Side Academy and quickly bonded over our similarities as local, packaged food producers using honey. Check out this healthy and delicious recipe and Rachel Graper's business adventure that started it all.

By: Jaclyn Sternick, Rolling Contributor

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This is the beginning


This is the beginning of Rolling Pepperoni's online ordering but far from the budding of this idea. Rolling Pepperoni is a business selling pepperoni rolls, feeding hungry folks and connecting a culture. I'm Katt Schuler, owner and operator from Elkins, West Virginia and living in Pittsburgh.

Always intrigued by novelty, I’ve welcomed many beginnings and subsequent ends. But, this idea founded on childhood memories of Friday school lunches, keeps me hungry. I've learned about baking fluffy nutritious rolls, curing quality pepperoni and the Appalachian culture that created this delicious combo. So here are the stories of lessons learned and the amazing individuals who taught them.